Q-Stand Warranty

The Q-Stand Target Stand Limited Lifetime Warranty

So what’s our warranty you ask. Well with proper use and care your Q-Stand should last you a lifetime. That said, we will back up our statement with a limited lifetime warranty against defects in our product or workmanship. Now let’s get to the facts of the Q-Stand warranty. Should any component (body, support stake or retaining bands) of the Q-stand target stand fail, contact us with the specifics and retain the component and await further instructions from us.

Now the obvious things we wont cover.

Damage to your Q-Stand from improper assembly or installation. This means “DO NOT Deviate from the instructions supplied with your target stand”. More specifically, use a Rubber Mallet in conjunction with a Metal or Delrin Capped Sleeve to drive the support stakes into the ground”. Should you fail to follow this procedure, you will damage your Q-Stand, it will void the warrant and make us sad that you can’t follow instructions.

Damage to any component of the Q-Stand from arrant projectile strikes. This means “don’t shoot your target stand”.

Damage to your Q-Stand from improper use. This means for example “don’t use the Q-Stand to support metal or other structural sound targets or objects”. The Q-Stand was developed for training and competition use, using IPSC, USPSA , PCSL and NRA cardboard or paper targets.

Damage to your Q-Stand or anything else for that matter. If you are going to use your Q-Stand let’s say in your backyard for example, it’s advisable to know where the underground utilities and irrigation/water lines are located, before you drive the support stakes into the ground.

Your Q-Stand is not compatible with lawnmowers. That said, always remove the vertical support stakes from the ground/soil when you have finished using your Q-Stand. We could keep going with other things like lawnmowers but you should get the idea here.