Qstand Target Stand System


With 30+ years in the shooting sports and dealing with the problems of conventional metal target stands, we developed a superior target stand. After 5 year of research and development we produced the Q-Stand. Which solves the problems associated with metal target stands.

For the individuals practicing and competing in IPSC, USPSA, PCSL, NRA or for shooting enthusiast looking for a simple to use target stand at the range. We present the Q-Stand System.

Various types of target stands are available, usually composed of metal. The problems with these types of target stands, fixed width, cumbersome, fall over if not staked down and storage space. With the development of the Q-Stand the problems with conventional target stands are solved.

Q-Stand Target Stand System for the shooting enthusiast conventional target stands
The Q-Stand target stand system is the most versatile, compact, lightweight, and ease to use product that every firearms enthusiast should own.